Best Time For Beach Photos

Breaking dawn is a time when the beach virtually springs to life…a time when porpoises feed and frolic, tiny crabs begin to peak out of their sandy homes and people are scarce.

Dusk is also a quiet time – a time when the ocean is framed by vibrant oranges, vivid reds and soft pink pastels. It’s the time just before night falls and the moon is the only illumination above the majestic sea.

Then there is mid-day, when the sun is high and the beach is brimming with beachgoers in all their glory – toddlers taking their first timid steps into the incoming waves, young lovers in a world of their own and families and friends radiating unparalleled glee.

As many of the top photographers can tell you, the best time of day to take photos on the beach is completely subjective…dependent upon your mood and desires. Do you want to capture nature at its finest hour, light up your camera with color, capture the essence of the dark night sky or define joy in its most unbridled form? The choice is yours in New Smyrna Beach.

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