The Perfect Place to Write a Book

Most literary geniuses will confess that their pages of prose are born of inspiration. Charles Dickens was inspired by relationships and the heartfelt interaction between people, Robert Frost by love and Ernest Hemingway found his when fishing and drinking. But many masters of the craft will tell you that their inspiration comes from serenity and the true beauty in this world.

The ideal location to write a book is on the balcony of your ocean view Ebb Tide condo. It’s the perfect place to become detached from the demands of everyday life and disappear into your own world. Ebb Tide in New Smyrna Beach offers warm, gentle breezes, white sandy beaches and glistening ocean waves lapping the shoreline – all nature’s beautiful bounty and completely conducive to creativity.

Whether you are looking to author the next best seller, work on the proposal of a lifetime for your company or complete your thesis – a culmination of your entire education, Ebb Tide condos provide textbook accommodations just steps from the pristine beaches of New Smyrna. Ebb Tide luxury condos are gated with covered garage parking, private balconies, Wi-Fi and Internet, tennis courts, a heated pool, hot tub, sauna, sundeck, fitness room, washer and dryer in each unit, clubhouse for parties and meetings and, of course, breathtaking views.

So make your reservation to stay at an Ebb Tide condominium today and close the book on the subject. The length of your book or project will be well accommodated, as you can stay as little or as long as you like surrounded by beauty and all of the comforts you could possibly require.