Sand Dunes, Their Importance

Sand dunes are constantly shifting and changing mounds of sand formed over many years by windblown sand particles that have become trapped by beach grass. The roots of these dune grasses help to anchor the sand dunes in place. Think of sand dunes as natural fencing with an abundance of benefits! Sand dunes are a wonderfully protective feature of our treasured Florida coastline, providing an amazing array of nature’s necessities…

The first thing one might notice about sand dunes is that they are part of what creates the magnificent natural character of Florida’s coastal environment.

Sand dunes also act as shielding sentinels defending against the winds and weather, tides and its swells; providing coastal protection to the land beyond them and a buffer against erosion caused by those waves and storms.

Similarly to everyone who loves the Florida coastline with abandon, a bunch of little critters happen to be abundantly grateful for sand dunes as well. The sand dunes here create an incredible, self-sustaining ecosystem and provide a natural and protective habitat to a wide variety of species including shore birds, small mammals, toads, lizards, snakes, crabs, mollusks and insects. The sand dunes in New Smyrna Beach also provide a comfy nesting ground for our beloved sea turtles!

Plus, here’s a fun fact…Sometimes the sand dunes take on a life of their own by making a singing noise that is caused by small avalanches along the length of the dunes.

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