Beach Hacks

We all love perfect beach days; and when you live here in New Smyrna Beach, you tend to become pretty knowledgeable about what can make a good beach day even better.  So take it from a local, here are some interesting beach hacks that might help you out a bit…

Ever wonder what to do with your valuables while you are on the beach? I mean, what if you take a walk, you enjoy a swim or you need to keep a keen eye on your kids while they play in the ocean…and you have no one to watch your stuff? While you are on the beach, consider hiding your valuables in your locked car or wrap them in a diaper. Yep, a diaper! Even crooks tend not to root through diapers because – let’s face it – who ever finds good stuff in a diaper? 

Speaking of poop, if you are not a fan and you don’t really relish being dive-bombed by annoying birds, you shouldn’t feed the seagulls. 

If you like to swim, it’s more enjoyable in the ocean if you get out past that first break. Just make sure you remain aware of postings for rip currents, dangerous sea life and you should always swim and park your family near a lifeguard just to be safe.

And always, always, always heed the saying, “When thunder roars, get indoors!” Our weather here in Florida can change in an instant and it can be fierce. The good news is that downpours here are often quick. So, a good thing to do if you are on the beach and it starts to storm is to head for the refuge of your car and just wait it out. 

When you decide you are ready to head home, how do you keep your car clean now that your body has become host to ten pounds of sand? Here’s a great solution…Bring a jug of water with you and keep it in your car. After you attempt to brush off as much beach sand as you can, just wash off with the water in your jug before you get in!

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