Best Times to Visit New Smyrna Beach

You know when you get to your buddy’s apartment hoping to toss back a few brews and watch the game, but his girlfriend showed up and has the Bachelor on the tube? Or when you are just ready to head out for some beach time and possibly some ocean view snacking and your mother-in-law is standing on your porch as you open your door? Neither are great times for a visit. Well, the same holds true for New Smyrna Beach…There are definitely better times to visit!

Anyone who lives north of Florida can attest to the fact that the high season – with its glorious weather – is always a wonderful time to visit New Smyrna Beach. However, there is another time where that can also hold true – fringe season. Yep, the edges of the season – April and after Thanksgiving, through the first week in December – can be great times to visit New Smyrna Beach. Not only can great weather typically extend through these times, the costs associated with travel and accommodations are cheaper and there are no crowds!

Then there is coordinating your travel plans with an epic event…and boy are there epic events in and around New Smyrna Beach! For example, if you like seafood, you will love the New Smyrna Beach Shrimp and Seafood Festival in August. If you are more into music, how does four days full of talented musicians performing live jazz tunes sound? Or maybe you are a NASCAR enthusiast who would prefer hearing the roar of the engines first-hand at the iconic Daytona International Speedway, which is nearby. 

Even with all those better times to visit, it should be said that New Smyrna Beach is a charming beachside town with a rich historic tapestry and full of laid-back adventures any time of year.

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