GeoCaching in NSB

Find your treasure along the Treasure Coast! Ever go on a treasure hunt when you were a kid? If you did,
you more than likely have very fond memories of it. Now there’s a new way to “treasure” hunt, and New
Smyrna Beach is the perfect place for it. GeoCaching is a new fad that’s just like treasure hunting, and
it’s catching on like wildfire. The best part is that it can be great fun for a couple, a group of friends or
the entire family.
The idea is that you use the GeoCaching app to get GPS coordinates for your treasure hunt, and you can
download the GeoCaching app to your phone for approximately $10. GeoCaches tend to be small,
waterproof containers with interesting contents such as a fun toy or memento. When you uncover your
“treasure,” your job is to chronicle the event by placing the names of the people in your party, the date
and any information you want to include about how you found the GeoCache within the log. Once you
fill out the log, you can decide if you would like to take an item from the container. If you do, replace it
with one of equal or greater value. When you are finished, replace the container exactly as you found it,
and feel free to hike on to your next big treasure!
Another great thing about geocaching in New Smyrna Beach is that you can do your GeoCaching by land
or by sea. New Smyrna Beach is straddled by water, so it is actually one of the best areas for GeoCaching
by boat. Have fun searching for “treasure” on the beach or underwater when you use the seafaring
method of Geocaching!