No Driving Beach

Ahhhh, the no driving portion of New Smyrna Beach…a serene place where you can relax, unwind and not worry if your head remains in the heavenly clouds. It runs south of 27th Avenue, where the sands are sugary, up through the Canaveral National Seashore, where the beach turns into a mix of pretty peach-colored shells…and it definitely includes the beach just steps away and is easily accessible from The Sandpiper Condos.

Parts of New Smyrna offer a beachfront where driving is allowed. Driving on the beach can be fun to try once or twice, but it is a bit more crowded and raucous than the calm, quiet, undisturbed, no driving portion of New Smyrna Beach that so many of us, as well as our treasured sea turtles, find particularly delightful! Yep, the less crowded, no drive portion of New Smyrna Beach promotes wildlife conservation and it is safer for those of us who may be a little slower moving.

The privacy and pristine environment that no driving beaches offer is exceptionally appealing. No driving beaches are also more child-friendly. While the beach is always fun, water safety gives parents enough to focus on without having to worry about the added potential danger of vehicles driving by when their child is running up the beach. 

Even the adults find it more enjoyable to stroll along the shoreline looking for shells instead of oncoming traffic. Plus, who wants a big SUV or truck pulling up alongside your comfy beach spot, interrupting the peaceful sounds of the sea, blocking your view and spewing unwelcome emissions? Nah, me neither.

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