Snowbirds Have the Right Idea

Gray days, leafless trees and icy roads…Had enough of your seasons yet? You should give an Ebb Tide condo on the scenic Florida coast a try. We have seasons here in Florida too – a seasoning of fun in the sun and miles of beaches all within a coveted vacation destination.

Spend your days with your toes in the sand instead of the snow; enjoy the sun shining in your windows instead of scraping the frost from them; and sip a tropical drink on your beachfront balcony instead of flu serum from your bedside table. You can have all that and more at the Ebb Tide.

Ebb Tide condos are also nestled along the coastline of New Smyrna Beach, Central Florida’s hidden treasure which is bursting with art studios, waterfront bistros and charming beachside shops, as well as a host of events and entertainment all year long, including live music in lively local venues and Broadway-style theatrical performances in New Smyrna’s Little Theatre. There are also plenty of parks, boat and wildlife excursions, museums, car shows and wine tastings.

If all that isn’t enough, don’t worry there’s more. Each Ebb Tide condo promises an ocean view that memories are made from and is fully-equipped with resort-style amenities including a beachfront pool and all of the comforts of home.

Maybe you want to live up north to be closer to your family or you love the summers in upstate New York, but let’s face it, those winters can be brutal. Snowbirds – who take advantage of a warmer winter climate and all the enjoyment it has to offer and then fly back north when the snow falls and you can actually step outside without a parka – are definitely on to something. So, why not ditch all those harsh winter winds that last for months on end and come down to Ebb Tide condominiums in New Smyrna Beach Florida? They are perfectly seasoned.

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