What to Do if You Are Vacationing During a Hurricane

Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th , with August through October winning the
moniker of peak season. There are several things you can do prior to and during your vacation to avoid
paying for unused flights or accommodations and to keep your family safe.

First things first – when planning your vacation, review your trip cancelation policy very carefully. You
want to look for items such as “Cancel for Any Reason” and see if hurricanes are listed under “Trip
Cancelation”. Make certain you are covered for “Trip Interruption” which pays for prepaid travel
expenses and any additional costs incurred if you have to end your trip early. Also check for “Missed
Connections” which can easily occur due to a hurricane, and “Travel Delay” which covers reasonable
expenses incurred for any travel delays due to a hurricane.

You also want to check cancelation policies with airlines and hotels before booking your flights and
accommodations. Also make sure book through an experienced travel expert. Experienced agents know
which hotels are structurally sound and which resorts will have working generators and enough food
and water to ride out the storm.

Be smart. Keep up with the latest weather reports and keep your phone charged. Write down any
important numbers you may need in case your phone finally does run out of juice and you cannot
charge it.

If you do happen to find yourself in a hurricane during your vacation, fuel up your rental car, locate the
evacuation routes and safe shelters. Keep cash on hand as ATMs and credit card machines may not be
functional during the storm. If you have to evacuate, take bottled water, non-perishable snacks such as
power bars, a first aid kit and prescription medications.