What’s New in New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is so popular that everyone wants to be here. To make visits more accommodating and even more pleasant, discussions by the powers that be are in the works to add some cool new features, including – yes, my friends – more parking.

New Smyrna’s parking task force is looking into partnering with public agencies and privately owned businesses to increase parking spots. One area being considered runs along the existing 28 parking spaces at Jessamine Avenue near the 400 block of Flagler. Another is the annexing of two lots on the corner of Flagler and Cooper, which would provide over 100 more parking spaces. Party on Flagler!

But that’s not all. As part of a proposal by a local realtor, a portion of Flagler Avenue may even get a subterranean parking garage and a brand new look. The plans for what’s being referred to as the Flagler Commons Project include new open air restaurants, retail shops and townhomes. 

As far as timing, the entire proposed project may see completion in 2028. While some of the new parking could be available as soon as summer of this year.

Speaking of parking, there is plenty to be found at Big Mike’s Burgers, which just opened in 2023 and can be found at 1112 Canal Street. Google ranks its big juicy burgers a 4.6, so you may want to give it a try. Avanu is another New Smyrna Beach restaurant that recently opened. This one, which serves its Polynesian-inspired menu on the rooftop at 392 Flagler Avenue, is a bit more upscale.


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