The Ocean Can Soothe Our Spirit and Inspire Creativity

The ocean is a powerful and beautiful beast, unleashing a potent concoction of relaxation, refreshment and inspiration in its wake. Being near the ocean can make us calmer and bestow otherwise eluded insight. Its water offers an unparalleled fusion of healing and transformation. The mental and spiritual benefits of water are very real, invoking feelings beyond just ourselves and, subsequently, connecting us to the glorious vastness of nature itself.

We’ve drawn upon the powers of water since the dawn of time. Tranquil baths were a predominant part of early Roman culture; water is the element most crucial to traditional Chinese medicine; and rivers have long been considered sacred places that symbolize spiritual cleansing.

Today, we still turn to water for calm and clarity, refreshing ourselves with long showers, soothing baths and aquatic hues. We listen to the sound of the surf and float languidly in pools to quiet our minds. The ocean continually shares its gift to increase our capacity for mental clarity and induce satisfaction…a general state of bliss, if you will.

The ocean heals us. It can lessen our anxiety, grant us with better sleep and reduce depression and even pain. It replenishes our overloaded brains with a quiet, gentle awareness…one that gives our minds a chance to wander freely in search of insight and introspection.

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