Types of Transportation Available in New Smyrna Beach

There are so many things to see and do in New Smyrna Beach. Don’t miss out…even if you don’t have a ride. There are plenty of transportation options available in New Smyrna Beach!

Planning a night out in New Smyrna Beach with your friends and thinking a designated driver might be a great idea? Uber and Lyft are both available in New Smyrna Beach, as well as taxi companies including the New Smyrna Beach Taxi and Turpin Transportation services.

Maybe you are a senior who isn’t quite as comfortable on the road (or certain busy roads) anymore and you just need a little extra help getting places. You might be tired of relying on friends and family members for rides for doctor visits, to fill your prescriptions, to get your hair done, for grocery shopping or maybe just to have lunch with a friend. There are plenty of types of transportation available in New Smyrna Beach for you as well! Aside from taxis, Uber and Lyft, there is the All-around Senior Transportation company and non-emergency medical transportation available. 

There is one airport and three Amtrak stations within a 30 mile radius of New Smyrna Beach. Greyhound Bus Lines run through New Smyrna Beach on Route 44. And, not a place that would ever consider discriminating against our furry friends, New Smyrna Beach even has a…wait for it…Pet Taxi service!

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