Uh Oh! It’s Broken

Do you know what to do if something is broken in your condo unit? First things first. When you arrive, assess your condo. Ebb Tide Condos are exceptionally pristine and well-maintained, but if you do happen to notice something that is damaged, take a time-stamped photo and report it.

If you happen to break something in your condo, proper etiquette is basically just good manners and communication is key. Report any damage without delay, to ensure your comfort, safety and that the problem doesn’t become worse over time.

Each incident will be handled individually. For instance, if you accidentally break something tiny like a glass, it is most likely inconsequential. However, if you stain the carpet with a red wine spill, you will probably simply be required to pay to clean it.

Don’t try to cover it up because you would be charged for the damage and most likely not allowed to return. Also, don’t try to repair or clean any damaged item, as the condominium owner may prefer to use their own cleaning or repair service; and certain items may in fact be covered by insurance. Things like electrical or plumbing repairs are the responsibility of the condo owner or manager – not yours; but you should still report them asap to ensure that your oceanfront vacation isn’t obstructed by any hassles…only filled with fun and breathtaking views!

You can reach the Roberts Realty office at 386-423-6918 from 9-2 Monday through Friday. For emergencies after hours, call 386-847-0595 or 386-562-3313.

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